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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why I became ordained by Rev. Aurora

I was originally ordained in mid-1970's. I felt it validated me and it also allowed me to openly work with drug addicts and alcoholics. I was born the 8th Great Granddaughter of Sara Pease, Salem Village, 1692 and have been different all my life. 

In the mid 70's I started working with women, who had lost their children to CPS and had problems with substance abuse. I didn't have a degree in social work or law so the legal system didn't accept me as have any expertise. To assist the women I was attempting to help I was ordained and that make me their spiritual adviser/minister. Then the state got involved in substance abuse treatment and my ordination was not acceptable in working in the recovery field for several years.

In addition to having been born into a witch family, I have studied Wicca, Stergia, and Native American Spiritualism. I am an adviser to many women now who have substance abuse problems and now the ordination is considered valid again, although not appreciated by Social Workers or other people who work within the "recovery" field or in CPS.

Lady Aurora

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