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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ULC Online Ordination of Rev. Michelle

My reason for becoming Ordained was first to get a better relationship with God by doing something to help.Having faith no matter what happens is sometimes hard and things happen that can pull you away from God.That did happen to me.I realized that God is not the reason some things happen,a lot of it is our wrong doing or thinking.I feel much better about doing this and plan on moving further in this.

I was called into the ministry. I was a youth leader in a church in this town for five years, after growing up in church and exploring what I believe on my own, and finding my own self, I decided I don't like what the word christian means anymore, I left the church and called myself a Christ follower. Now me being gay and leaving the church for that and many other reasons, I still wanted to keep my calling, and my dad and my sister are both ordained through the ULC and I thought well lets make it a family thing, and so I did, my wife and I are both ordained we are new, ordained 10 31 05.... and now we want to do marriages and counseling soon. and are fortunate that we have a friend that owns a shop that will get our names out there when we are ready 

Rev Michelle 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why I became ordained by Rev. Aurora

I was originally ordained in mid-1970's. I felt it validated me and it also allowed me to openly work with drug addicts and alcoholics. I was born the 8th Great Granddaughter of Sara Pease, Salem Village, 1692 and have been different all my life. 

In the mid 70's I started working with women, who had lost their children to CPS and had problems with substance abuse. I didn't have a degree in social work or law so the legal system didn't accept me as have any expertise. To assist the women I was attempting to help I was ordained and that make me their spiritual adviser/minister. Then the state got involved in substance abuse treatment and my ordination was not acceptable in working in the recovery field for several years.

In addition to having been born into a witch family, I have studied Wicca, Stergia, and Native American Spiritualism. I am an adviser to many women now who have substance abuse problems and now the ordination is considered valid again, although not appreciated by Social Workers or other people who work within the "recovery" field or in CPS.

Lady Aurora

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online Ordination of Sister Ligeia

To answer such a question I would have to give you a brief history. So, here it is. I was raised in a eclectic home of the Christian mentality which means my parents ran the gamut of possibilities. We attended Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Christ, Baptist, Pentacostal, and non denominational. Though prior to that particular mentality, I was aware of the fact that my mother caste astrological charts and my step father referred to her as a witch, and that I had what is often termed ESP from my age group but what I call intuitive now.

Well, the stepfather who ventured into becoming an ordained minister was in fact the monster in the closet and my brother and I suffered greatly for his perversions. At 18, though deeply spiritual, and obviously wounded, I walked away from the Christian path, and into marriage with a non practicing Catholic. My brother, walked behind the bars of the prison system the same year at 15. We both sought to escape.

Over the years I found that God, or the equivalent, was consistent in all spiritual paths. One always seeks to find communion with the higher purpose, some of us call it God, others Goddess, others think that the answers lie in breaking down all measure of distraction.

I found that what I wanted, was a relationship with God...without barriers, without interpretations. I wanted to be able to KNOW this. So, in my search, I have learned much and I found myself progressivly being asked to share this information. Over time, throughout the many conversations on the subject, what I gave as assistance to serve the higher path of each person began to correlate to the teachings of other ministers and spiritualists. I was surprised by this, and thought is odd. I questioned if I was simply parroting the streams of thought I had read. After careful consideration and much soul searching I realized that that was not the case. I always followed the sense of God I found prevailed in those conversations and shared what the message was from the higher ideals. And if it happened to be similar to the lesson their minister gave them, then I reminded them that the Spirit of God moves as necessary, and sometimes we need the message in varied forms before we take heed to it.

Then my mother came to visit and over about a years time in the course of many conversations, again, I shared that had I been Christian, I would have been a minister...but I could not in good conscience perpetuate one path to the exclusion of others. She returned home to find someone close to her had become a ULC minister and there we began.

Ideally I would like to offer guidance to those in need, and I do find myself wondering if perhaps visiting prisoners would not in fact be to the benefit of those feeling not quite aligned with ONE thought yet still in need of spiritual guidance and understanding. As yet I have no married anyone, and having been unemployed for the last year I have not had the financial stability to make time to search out and find the best way to visit prisoners, nor have I had the opportunity to seek out the opportunities to visit those in need at hospitals (as a minister).

Sister Ligeia

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why I became ordained with ULC - Rev. Mike

At first, I explored the idea through an internet link that advertised the option, as I was curious. I discovered that the idea of being ordained via the internet was both real and legal, so I broached the subject with the she-devil that was my then-wife. She, a faux-Catholic of rather narrow perspective, considered ULC evil, satanic, subversive, and a waste of time, just as she had considered the venerable institution of Freemasonry in which I had previously been initiated. The wretched woman. 

But anyway, her opposition fueled my curiosity and so I soon took the plunge....I forked over the bucks, bought my ordination and two Doctorates, and then summarily boxed away the mailed goodies that soon followed. Now, I just carry the nifty black card in my wallet that denotes my piety as more a conversation piece than anything else... although I am willing and prepared to conduct any service I am fortunate enough to be called upon to perform.

I do not cite the purchased ULC Doctorates (Divinity and Metaphysics) on my business card, as they do not seem as worthy as those accomplishments I achieved through hard work and time. My fiance, who has two Masters and is soon to get her PhD, and I play with all our various letters and degrees just for fun. I am making her new biz card as a surprise. Here is my alphabet soup, sans Doctorates: Reverend MEK, LCDR, USN(RET), MBA, 32 Degree Mason, APDT, ABC Certified. I am not even sure how I would incorporate the ULC Doctorates into all that....I fear, despite their dubious authentication, they would trump my harder-earned achievements, and I do not want to do that.


Monday, January 10, 2011

ULC Online Ordination - true confession?

Why I Became a Universal Life Church Minister

No, this is not "true confession," or any weepy story of redemption. Fed up with the direction that The (formerly Protestant) Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. was taking, I concluded that the fault lay in its professionals -- the priests and bishops. If seminary teaching and practice led to the garbage these people were spouting, then their right to continue should be examined by someone in authority, and heads should roll.

Well, it's not going to happen. They are entrenched and subject to no effective discipline. The only "sin" they can be held guilty of is failing to parrot the agitprop proclaimed by their superiors. Hence, in my opinion, their "credentials" are spurious.  Any laymen with diligent study and purity of heart could do a better job of serving Episcopal congregations.

So as a lark -- and as a protest -- I forked over $19.10 to the Universal Life Church for a certificate of ordination and a laminated identification card. This, together with a letter stating that I was "in good standing" as a minister of the Universal Life Church in Brewster, Massachusetts, entitled me to recognition by the Commonwealth as qualified to perform marriages.

But then a strange thing happened. Something came over me that I cannot explain. I starting acting like a clergyman. Sort of like a friendly Baptist preacher. I took a far greater interest in theology, the creed, the sacraments -- and in people. I thought consciously about how to reach others so that they could lead more satisfying lives. I worried more about those in my circle with problems. I tried to help solve trouble relationships.
Can it be that God is using this tired old doofus for His purposes?
I wonder. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Universal Life Church - Heinzist

The Reason I was ordained.. Is because I felt my calling as a Heinzist Minister, and the ULC seemed to be one of the few churches that were open enough for me to legally practice my Heinzist Tradition.

This decision did not come overnight.

At the age of 14 is when the Heinzist path was started by 1998, it was nearly complete in the beliefs section. People I went to high school with looked up to me as a leader as a minister.

I was not only known as a spiritual person. But as the Leader of the Peace Keeping Rail Gang, who earned high respect for the locals, because we ran hate groups, and caused three violent gangs to truce peacefully between us, in the town of Milton, Wisconsin.

I was known to put my life as risk, and I have went head to head in some extremely dangerous situations. I could list a bunch of very interesting War stories.. which is even more interesting how a non-violent group takes on a violent group in making them think, can make one drop down all weapons.

One such group we ran out was the KKK. Who was desperately trying to recruit some of our friends and nearly had 3-4 within them, Which really made our work cut out to expose to our friend who these people really were, as she thought they were the coolest people to ever set foot on the earth.

Coming from an interracial foster home I have went against them, and other powerful organizations. I helped expose one minister who was sexually abusing, and mentally abusing his congregation and encouraging us .. his youth congregation to STEAL books from their library to steal anything non - christian to burn.

From what I understand New Life Assembly of God church on North wright road in Janesville, Wisconsins STILL practices this. My sister was a member of them last year an she burned some of my books. And they treated her all well, until she told them I was her sister, and was stupid enough to show my email I wrote to her about how I did not want anything to do with her or that terrorist church.

They started to treat her and her bf rotten, and they eventually left the church.

Anyhow the real reason I had became ordained is the same reason I do anything that involves a major choice.. To Make a positive difference.

All though highschool I had teachers whispering to me. You should become ordained through the Universal Life Church... I had students begging me to as well... And for years my foster sisters and I used to do our own ceremonies in the woods... and they too said I should...

It was after a chain reaction of visions and dreams, And the Spirits adding more towards my Heinzism Tradition .  Is when I realised... This is no longer just a belief system anymore.. It has now formed into a simple eclectic tradition. And the Spirits urged me.

Go Public, Go Private, Live this, Teach This, Minister This!.

After 3 years of the Spirits I work with doing this. I finally had done so, and I have been into some amazing experiences. I have gifted psychic/healing abilities. Some of the locals call me a Shaman. I use the term Spirit Worker.... They use that term for the weather working abilities I been known for since 1989 when I was 9 years old.

I have been hit by lightning once .. after I went upstairs to prevent anyone from getting hit by making sure everyone was in bed. "Spirit Said" is that story... I have it posted all through the internet and you can find a link to it from my bio page.

Just recently I worked with a paraylised kitten and it made a full recovery.. this has not happened once but 3 times since 1997. So I know I am working with strong Spirits, Strong energy.

And the reason I became ordained is so I could do Spirits work, teach what spirits have taught me, and help make the world a better place.

I am Universal Life Church Minister.. of the Heinzist Tradition.

I am not a perfect person, and if you have seen me in any yahoogroups or chats you will know that I do not hide that.

Over there most of you if you go there know me as "DNatureofDTrain_CaseyJones" on other places "CaseyJTrain" or Just DNatureofDTrain. .. CaseyJonesTrain.

People here will probably recognize me from many chats or networks as I state that.

Take Care and Peace and Blessing,
Rev. Dana C. L.