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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ULC Online Ordination of Rev. Michelle

My reason for becoming Ordained was first to get a better relationship with God by doing something to help.Having faith no matter what happens is sometimes hard and things happen that can pull you away from God.That did happen to me.I realized that God is not the reason some things happen,a lot of it is our wrong doing or thinking.I feel much better about doing this and plan on moving further in this.

I was called into the ministry. I was a youth leader in a church in this town for five years, after growing up in church and exploring what I believe on my own, and finding my own self, I decided I don't like what the word christian means anymore, I left the church and called myself a Christ follower. Now me being gay and leaving the church for that and many other reasons, I still wanted to keep my calling, and my dad and my sister are both ordained through the ULC and I thought well lets make it a family thing, and so I did, my wife and I are both ordained we are new, ordained 10 31 05.... and now we want to do marriages and counseling soon. and are fortunate that we have a friend that owns a shop that will get our names out there when we are ready 

Rev Michelle 

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