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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Online Ordination

People generally become ordained for three reasons:

To perform the legal function of officiating at someone's wedding,
To further their own spiritual or religious goals or,
As a lark.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline Ordination.

It is our hope that you will take your ordination seriously, as it is a serious rite.

There is much talk about the term 'Instant Online Ordination.' Technically, your ordination is not happening online. The internet is merely a conduit for your application for ordination through the Universal Life Church. When you complete this form, your request for ordination is sent to headquarters in Modesto, CA to be processed and recorded by hand. It is at this time that you will officially become a minister. Congratulations and welcome!

• If you ordain someone else, get that person's express permission first.
• Please check for correct spelling and capitalization and that the email address is correct.

Upon becoming a new minister, you will begin to receive our free monthly newsletter, containing useful ministerial information, monthly specials, and a free ceremony sample. You will also be sent special announcements, breaking news about the ULC and much more.

Within 5-10 minutes after your ordination, you will receive an email message. It's usually immediate and it will be the same message that pops up in the window. Please save this email, in the event that your request for ordination through the Universal Life Church is lost in cyberspace. If you order a credential immediately following your ordination, you will need that email and/or the pop-up email, to verify your ordination with headquarters. Since all of the ordinations are recorded by hand, this may take some time.

Your ordination is for life. You are still ordained whether you have moved, married or lost your credential. If any of these are the case, contact to update your information and to find out how to get a new credential.

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