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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Universal Life Church

The Birthday Boy
Well, so maybe I am not a boy but a man of sixty-eight now, haven’t you heard of a person’s second childhood.  O.K. so it may be my third or fourth so who is counting.
Yes it is my  birthday…time is moving so fast…or maybe I am moving so slow. Anyway I get up do this do that and Sandy is home and then we eat enjoy a little conversation, some TV and time with missy and trouble and then bedtime and that is none of your business or TMI as the kids say.
Oh, yes, anyone out there remember me asking for the one hundred fifteen lb. blond female to be in my life.   I have her, but if I ever have occasion to pray that again I must learn to be specific and ask for her to be human as I have one hundred fifteen blond female golden lab in my life now.
Yes we have to be specific in our prayers. But then after being specific we have to end the prayer with this or something better with good for all and harm to none.
It is amazing how many times I have heard of people asking for a specific amount of money to come to them and then they receive it by having a favorite friend or relative make their transition.
Of course when one leaves is not necessarily a tragedy for them only for those of us left here for I firmly believe no one leaves before their time.
When I was shot in 1987 I was given the choice to stay or come back for it was not my time.  I am no one special so this choice may be available for all to go or to stay.
Also we have to remember that when one is seriously ill and we pray for them to release them to their highest good and the good of all with harm to none.
It is so hard for us to lose someone close, yet we must look past ourselves to what is best for all of those around us and for the world. 
Yes, even the little ones that leave us have fulfilled their purpose for being here.  Many times it is for us to focus on those left here. 
WE carry the memories in our heart so that we can carry on here caring for those we love.
For one to dwell on the past whether it is one departed on a physical plane to live a separate life or a loved one has made a transition to a higher plane does no one any good.
Louis L’Amour told us many years ago in one of his books a line that literally saved my life for my bride of three weeks had left me to go back to her live in boyfriend of five years.  I had gotten in my `61 Cadillac hearse camper and drove into the desert outside of Quartsite, AR with only a stack of Louie A’mour books and little or no water when on the third day of reading I read “Love is to live for not to die for’
I got up thirsty with less than a quarter tank of gas and drove into Phoenix to a friend’s  house where I collapsed at their front door.
Yes, love is to live for not die for.  Although there are times that we are called to place our life on the line for those we love. 
The thing we are not to waste our lives needlessly for they do not belong to us as they belong to a higher power that resides within us.
As we learn to listen to this higher power we know when and where to give our life or to keep it.  It all goes back to while there is higher power guiding us it is up to us to make the choice that better serves all  with good and harm to none.
That is how we are to live our lives in MHO with harm to none and good to all as we live our life of purpose.


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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Online Ordination

You are right. I am a strong person, but always driven to excel and to do more, and never quite happy with yesterday's achievements. The definition to me of achievement is a past action, thus making way for a future action to be built upon it. I am well pleased with having found your website and obtaining ordination through you. Your site offers me the freedom and religious expression to serve the Lord as I know in my heart I should do. I am not in opposition to organized religion, and I still attend my church of 25 years where I received a degree in Bible and Doctrine in 1993. I have taken courses on religions of the world for 35 years at least of all kinds, so I have a great tolerance for all faiths and the freedom of people to worship as they choose. That is not very popular in my church so I don't advertise that personal belief. But it is the first thing God gave man, after He gave him breath,-free will. God doesn't want robots who serve Him without doing so because they want to.
I find that ordination with ULC Seminary is my option to serve God and still allow me to have revolutionary beliefs such as religious tolerance and understanding toward others, yet still maintain my own religious integrity within my ministry. I never saw a future of ordination within my home church. I wasn't dogmatic enough. I am dogmatic on the principles pertaining to salvation, but on issues where the the church is dogmatic in ways that drive away the lost on issues that shouldn't concern the lost, as they are church issues internally and have nothing to do with salvation messages, I feel organized religion is out of order at times. They, like the government, tend to try to control issues that aren't their business to control. And in doing so, they neglect the matters that ARE their business.
I am planning to send off for my ordination credentials, the Reverend title, and Dr of Divinity DD certs and cards this week. I don't know if I'll go ahead and re-ordain or attach my email of ordination from sept 29th or what will be needed.. The reason I feel "arrogant" enough to apply for Doctor of Divinity is that I have studied the religions of the world professionally since I was in first grade in parochial school and have searched for religious answers on a personal quest all my life. I found my own peace at a young age but give every one the freedom to seek their own answers as I sought mine. I will share my own story with those who ask. I believe firmly in the salvation message of Christ and I will not accept any other as truth, but I do not force myself on others. If I want to evangelize such to Christ, I do so through love and example and respect built on a relationship with them. As a result, this is my reason for ordination. I now have a number of un-churched young people and their parents who come to me for counseling, not just advice, but spiritual leading, and they don't receive any spiritual food at all except what they receive from me. Therefore your site affords me all I need to support my little "congregation" as it grows and develops. I ran across you by accident through the ULC Monastery, but I feel that yours is the site that I have been called to and I have renounced ties to the Monastery. I could tell the real thing when I saw the love and full support you supply your ordained ministers. You don't just pronounce them ordained and sell them ordination papers for profit and bid them a good day. You offer full support for every phase of their ministry to make them successful at establishing and supporting their own churches and ministries. You disciple your ordained ministers, and that is the mark of a true calling of God. No messenger called by God will create a new creature and leave that baby alone to die in the wilderness. You don't leave your baby ministers alone and unsupported. You provide them with every training tool they need to grow and mature till they can make their own congregation that births new disciples.

I am grateful to you, Miss Amy. I am glad to have found you.