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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why I became ordained with ULC by Rev. Kurt

Well, this is the 8th year anniversary in ULC for me. I came here because of the different paths that were celebrated here.  I became ordained here because I knew ministry is one of my life missions.  I am also a board certified holistic health practitioner, certified expressive art therapist, am earning a ph.d in holistic ministries from American Institute of holistic theology, and I earned a doctor of divinity from universal light church.

I completed the soul clinic class offered by ULC -- very good. I am a certified pastoral counselor, and board certified chaplain through the international pastoral counselors association.  My ministry is growing, as am I.  I held a beautiful service in my home where 12 of my closest friends showed up"the journey of our nativity" a metaphysical story of the nativity.  I participate in many beliefs. I volunteer w/young gay youth. 

I live w/ fibromyalgia daily and am writing for the fibromyalgia frontiers a quarterly news journal. I am a known art therapist and writer, look under Kurt Fondriest art therapist. so all this brought me here.  All this came from me being here. The journey is still going....

Rev. Kurt

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