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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why I became ordained with ULC - Rev. Mike

At first, I explored the idea through an internet link that advertised the option, as I was curious. I discovered that the idea of being ordained via the internet was both real and legal, so I broached the subject with the she-devil that was my then-wife. She, a faux-Catholic of rather narrow perspective, considered ULC evil, satanic, subversive, and a waste of time, just as she had considered the venerable institution of Freemasonry in which I had previously been initiated. The wretched woman. 

But anyway, her opposition fueled my curiosity and so I soon took the plunge....I forked over the bucks, bought my ordination and two Doctorates, and then summarily boxed away the mailed goodies that soon followed. Now, I just carry the nifty black card in my wallet that denotes my piety as more a conversation piece than anything else... although I am willing and prepared to conduct any service I am fortunate enough to be called upon to perform.

I do not cite the purchased ULC Doctorates (Divinity and Metaphysics) on my business card, as they do not seem as worthy as those accomplishments I achieved through hard work and time. My fiance, who has two Masters and is soon to get her PhD, and I play with all our various letters and degrees just for fun. I am making her new biz card as a surprise. Here is my alphabet soup, sans Doctorates: Reverend MEK, LCDR, USN(RET), MBA, 32 Degree Mason, APDT, ABC Certified. I am not even sure how I would incorporate the ULC Doctorates into all that....I fear, despite their dubious authentication, they would trump my harder-earned achievements, and I do not want to do that.


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