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If you want to get ordained and become a minister through the Universal Life Church, you can look through the essays and other information here and see what other people are getting excited about.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Becoming a Minister by Rev. Karin

Dear Amy,

I truly appreciate your notes of encouragement you e-mail...they are very empowering.... Empowering others has been my life mission.  I was a Pentecostal minister around 25 years ago and as I grew in my walk into the spiritual knowing....I left the church.  I have been empowering others with the love of God ever since.  I have been taking classes from you and received my ordination in 2008.  I have retired from the corp. world and now dedicate my life full time to encouraging others on their path.
I have been living with Multiple Myeloma for the last 10 years and have been keeping it at arms reach.  I am now in need of treatment and only want to look at this as an opportunity to claim my miracle and see the MAGIC happen as a witness of the amazing power of the Universe giving others the gift of hope in the midst of their illness as well as myself.  There is a purpose in all things and I know this is just as it is suppose to be....I just don't want to miss the Divine purpose!

I had the "push" to write you and ask for your prayers and remembrance of me as I continue my journey while being a vessel of truth and a reflection of the Divine Love.  If you are interested in seeing a little more about me....please go to my website below and read my words.  I am also the organizer of Celebration of Spiritual Awakening and find this a path of empowerment for those who seek their Divine Knowing.

I have voted for you and am very proud of who you are.

Love and Light,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Becoming an Ordained Minister by Rev. Rose

          Alexandra Rose became a member of ULC because she knew from a very early age that she wanted to work with others. Even though the method and means to achieve that were as yet uncharted territory during her early learning, her lifelong quest for knowledge and enlightenment has instilled in her a devotion to self-discovery and working with her clients. Initially, she pursued an education in Social Work, however once the world of alternative therapies and non-traditional ministry was opened, her path began to unfold. About a year after intensely studying one of these modalities, she received what in a traditional ministry is referred to as a “calling”, the deep knowing that she was to be a spiritual counselor. Having been raised in a moderately observant Jewish home, this came as a surprise. She had not considered ministry as a part of her path. The desire to bridge these led to a period of searching, both inwardly and via various external resources to discern how to follow this guidance. It was during one of the times, in the Spring of 2004 that she received her ordination through ULC.

Since that time, service to others has continued to evolve and her commitment deepens. She feels truly blessed to have been chosen to serve others through God/Goddess’ word and honors all paths and traditions. One of the key elements of her work is bringing others to the deep recognition we all carry within a spark of divinity, whether you choose to refer to this as soul, higher power, guide, etc. At this point, she is honored to have those who are ready for this work drawn and receptive to the combination of therapeutic modalities, prayer and actively engaging guidance, which encompass her sessions. The healing room in which she works contains many “spiritual” tools; from smudge supplies to angel statues. At any given moment she may stop to utilize these to further a client’s goals or ease their transition to the next level.

Currently, I am impassioned about working with women to reclaim their power and remember their place as torchbearers and nurturers of the spirit. I envision a world in which men and women view each other as spiritual partners, joined in service to the healing of our world so that all live in freedom and peace, grounded in knowing our true selves. We move forward with the certainty that no problem is insurmountable when we each add our unique talents with a sincere to serve. My dedication to all who work with me, and fully engage, is to provide experiences where they see the light within more brightly and know themselves more fully than ever before.

For more information, go to or or call me directly at 800-508-6147.

May your days be filled with joy, your nights be peaceful and all of your life be an experience of love always!

Blessings always,
Rev. Alexandra Rose

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Become an Online Minister

I was ordained by your online Seminary in 2002  and I am very interested in continuing my education at your Seminary. I am planning on taking your Doctor of Divinity Course next month.
What made me decide to become a ULC minister in the Future I want to be able to offer online classes to others like I was fortunate to receive from ULC.
I became a Minister June 7, 2002 for Universal Life Church, an Elder at the Greater Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in 1998, and o October 14, 2002 I was Consecrated in Klileen,Texas for the Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church here in Austin, Texas. 
I grew up Catholic and when my adopted mother died no one else in her family was still Catholic and  I was not allowed to continue attend the Church I grew up in. My cousin was Church of Christ I believe.The I went to live with my adopted father and his wife was Pentacostal Holiness. 
When I became an adult I chose to attend various churches,Greater Peace Pentacostal Victory Christian Center Assemblies of God, Teagues Jerusalum Temple Church of God and Christ, Greater Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Grant Chapel AME, I currently attend Ministry of Challenge  Outreach Ministry.
I even all most converted to Buddhism.
I really have been called in Missions/Outreach for those who struggle with Mental Health Issues,and the Justice System.I teach self esteem and symptom management groups at a place called SHAC Self-Help and Advocacy Center.
before I left on a 6 month leave, I helped form a NA group for those with dual-diagnosis, called Eagle Wings of Recovery.
I feel that being ordained has made a positive Impact in my life. I met an Artist by the name of Dennis W. Brown and he does Sketch Photography he is the one who drew my picture in colored pencil, he has been drawing since he was a young child about 5 years old and the Love of drawing never left his heart.
We started Star Portraits together he says his drawing is a gift from God and he is good.