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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Becoming a Minister by Rev. Karin

Dear Amy,

I truly appreciate your notes of encouragement you e-mail...they are very empowering.... Empowering others has been my life mission.  I was a Pentecostal minister around 25 years ago and as I grew in my walk into the spiritual knowing....I left the church.  I have been empowering others with the love of God ever since.  I have been taking classes from you and received my ordination in 2008.  I have retired from the corp. world and now dedicate my life full time to encouraging others on their path.
I have been living with Multiple Myeloma for the last 10 years and have been keeping it at arms reach.  I am now in need of treatment and only want to look at this as an opportunity to claim my miracle and see the MAGIC happen as a witness of the amazing power of the Universe giving others the gift of hope in the midst of their illness as well as myself.  There is a purpose in all things and I know this is just as it is suppose to be....I just don't want to miss the Divine purpose!

I had the "push" to write you and ask for your prayers and remembrance of me as I continue my journey while being a vessel of truth and a reflection of the Divine Love.  If you are interested in seeing a little more about me....please go to my website below and read my words.  I am also the organizer of Celebration of Spiritual Awakening and find this a path of empowerment for those who seek their Divine Knowing.

I have voted for you and am very proud of who you are.

Love and Light,


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