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Monday, January 10, 2011

ULC Online Ordination - true confession?

Why I Became a Universal Life Church Minister

No, this is not "true confession," or any weepy story of redemption. Fed up with the direction that The (formerly Protestant) Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. was taking, I concluded that the fault lay in its professionals -- the priests and bishops. If seminary teaching and practice led to the garbage these people were spouting, then their right to continue should be examined by someone in authority, and heads should roll.

Well, it's not going to happen. They are entrenched and subject to no effective discipline. The only "sin" they can be held guilty of is failing to parrot the agitprop proclaimed by their superiors. Hence, in my opinion, their "credentials" are spurious.  Any laymen with diligent study and purity of heart could do a better job of serving Episcopal congregations.

So as a lark -- and as a protest -- I forked over $19.10 to the Universal Life Church for a certificate of ordination and a laminated identification card. This, together with a letter stating that I was "in good standing" as a minister of the Universal Life Church in Brewster, Massachusetts, entitled me to recognition by the Commonwealth as qualified to perform marriages.

But then a strange thing happened. Something came over me that I cannot explain. I starting acting like a clergyman. Sort of like a friendly Baptist preacher. I took a far greater interest in theology, the creed, the sacraments -- and in people. I thought consciously about how to reach others so that they could lead more satisfying lives. I worried more about those in my circle with problems. I tried to help solve trouble relationships.
Can it be that God is using this tired old doofus for His purposes?
I wonder. What do you think?

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