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Saturday, February 05, 2011

ULC Ordination of Rev. Kate

I was raised in a liberal protestant household. My mother grew up in the Pentecostal Holiness church and often spoke of the rampant hypocrisy that she saw there. Mom goes to church for the music...doctrine means nothing to her. "Be a good person" is the only catechism she needs.

My father was raised in the same church in which I was baptized. He has done his share of praying and contemplation and is at peace with his relationship with God.. Occasionally he and I will have wonderful, sharing conversations on the subject, but he is not the sort to share his beliefs in public.

I was an enthusiastic student in Sunday school and bible study. I was even "born again" at church camp. That is, until I was scolded for suggesting that the Apostle Paul might have been speaking from within his cultural paradigm when he discussed the role of women in the church. I knew then that I would have to continue on my own path.

I became, and continue to be, a student of religion and religious history. Long ago, I realized that I was more familiar with the history of western religious traditions and of the Bible than most of the "Preachers" I encountered. I developed an urgent need to free people from the ignorance in which many organized religions want to trap them.

I have always been the "Dear Abby" in my circle of friends. I guess that, somehow, I was just naturally empathetic.

I want to teach....I want to serve.. I want to comfort.

I heard about internet ordination, but the first place I found was the Church of Spiritual Humanism. I read their forums, I thought it was right for me, and I became ordained in that church. It was not for several years that I stumbled into a forum where I was berated and belittled and generally treated ill...all because I confessed a belief in the Divine. It turns out they are Orthodox Atheists and have NO tolerance for hopeful agnostics or other 'superstitious' folk. This was stated, very obtusely, in their materials, but I just didn't get it before then. I have since resigned my ordination with them.

I continued my search and, at the urging of a Wiccan friend, I came to ULC. I now feel that I have found my "church home" where I can learn and grow and share.

I have performed several weddings (gay & straight) and one baptism.

Yup...that covers it.

Rev. Kate

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